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Do You Need New SEO Consulting Services to Help You Through the Pandemic?
May 22, 2020
SEO Consulting Services
SEO search engine optimization

2020 has provided the world with some interesting challenges so far. The pandemic is affecting everyone, some more than others.

There have been a lot of new frustrations for business owners, workers, and clients alike. Many people might be wondering whether or not now is an appropriate time to be worrying about SEO consulting services, or if they should focus on more pressing matters during COVID-19

If you want to keep your business afloat, though, it’s crucial to keep your SEO strategies sharp even during a crisis. Your business likely doesn’t only support you. It likely supports people in your family and your employees. 

If you’re unsure, keep reading to learn about how getting a little bit of help with your SEO might be surprisingly helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic

Is Your Business Suffering During COVID-19?

There’s a huge economic crisis happening worldwide due to the global pandemic. Businesses everywhere are suffering and employees are being laid off due to the inability of the employers to pay.

If part of your business operates online (which, in 2020, many businesses do), or if your entire business operates online, a solid SEO strategy might be one of the key ways to keep yourself afloat during this trying time.

7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing due to COVID-19, if not more. It’s crucial to do everything in your power to avoid this fate for yourself and your employees. 

While there are definitely strategies that you can employ on your own to help mitigate some of the damage, having someone on your team who knows how to help you out is going to be priceless. 

What Can SEO Consulting Services Do for Me?  

You have a lot to worry about right now. Everyone does. If your entire job isn’t managing your digital marketing, that’s just another thing to add to your list. You’re doing someone else’s job. That might be fine during the best of times, but right now adding one more task to your to-do list (and learning an entirely new skillset) might seem overwhelming. 

SEO consulting services will help take some of that weight off of you so you can manage your team or the other parts of your business without having to worry about the digital marketing side of things. 

SEO consultants are paid to do this work. They’re trained for it and they know what they’re doing. While these are unexpected times for all of us, a good SEO consulting team is going to be able to strategize ways to help overcome these hurdles. 

With the world being so online in 2020, your business doesn’t have to suffer if it has a strong online presence. Those who are in the know about digital marketing know this already. You can’t learn all of these skills overnight, though. Having consultants on your team is the way forward.

Here are just a few things that an SEO consultant can help you out with that could benefit you during the COVID-19 pandemic specifically.

Local SEO Rankings

Right now, while plenty of small businesses are feeling the crushing weight of the pandemic closing in on their finances, consumers are trying to lift the burden. 

More and more people are straying away from the big-box stores that have already received hefty government bailouts. Many people want to support the businesses that reside within their communities and are owned and populated by their neighbors.

While all high-ranking SEO is great, getting good local SEO rankings is a way to really move forward right now for your business regardless of what it is. The people around you want to support what you’re doing, but they can’t do that if they can’t find you.

An SEO consultant can make you “findable” to all of your local neighbors if that’s a strategy that makes sense for your business. This is especially crucial if you’ve never had to sell products online before but you’ve now shifted to that process.

Conversion Optimization

Let’s face it: there are a lot of people at home right now. This means that there are a lot of people on their computers and a lot of potential eyes that can come across your website. 

This is good, right?

Well, kind of. 

If you don’t have good conversion rates, those eyes don’t mean much for your business. 

A good SEO consultant can help optimize your conversion to turn more of those window shoppers into customers or clients. It’s great that more people are looking at the work that you do (especially if you make money off of ad revenue) but the real gift is a new client who wants to work with you.

Reputation Repair or Management

Now is a great time to work on your online reputation, especially if it’s been damaged.

If your work isn’t primarily online, there are fewer people using your services right now. This means fewer reviews. If there are bad reviews, they might stand out to potential passers-by. 

A good SEO consultant can help figure out your reputation management strategy to keep everything in perfect alignment. If you have a poor reputation already, now is a great time to really hunker down and focus on repairing it while you have the time to devote. 

Do You Need SEO Consulting Services? 

We’re currently in very stressful and confusing times. A global pandemic impacts everything, and managing your online presence might feel like the least important thing on your list if you have loved ones suffering right now. 

If your business operates somewhat online, though, your SEO strategy helps to protect your income and the income of your employees. Hiring SEO consulting services allows you to take some of the weight off of your own shoulders and accept help. 

For more information, or to book a consultation, visit our site. 

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