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Inbound Marketing Methodology: What You Need to Know
September 21, 2014

Today, the number of consumers searching online for products and services is staggering. If your business cannot be found where consumers are searching for your products and services online, you’ll lose their potential business to competitors whose businesses can be found. Enter the Inbound Marketing Methodology. Now more than ever, developing brand awareness online for your market is imperative to creating a competitive advantage for your business that will ensure its success both online and off. But, once you gain that awareness and visitors start coming to your website, how do you convert those visitors into qualified leads and sales?

Positioning your brand in front of your market where they’re searching for your products and services online is only the beginning. Having floods of traffic pouring into your site is simply not enough. It’s about what you do with that traffic that will increase your bottom line, and if your website’s design isn’t converting your visitors into leads and sales, then your website is of little value to your business.

Fueling Visitor Engagement and Conversions With Proven Inbound Marketing Strategies and Advanced Search Engine Optimization

At ZenboundSEO, we employ the Inbound Marketing Methodology in all our digital marketing, and our highly effective digital marketing strategies and advanced SEO services guarantee that your website’s visitors only come from targeted sources; i.e. targeted search terms (keywords), and social media sharing and engagement. And our website design and development services, as well as our advanced knowledge of social media marketing, ensure that your marketing message comes across in a way that engages and ignites your visitors and followers so that they convert into more leads and sales for your business.

Call us today at 1-866-634-6603 and speak with one of our consultants to learn how ZenboundSEO can help your business succeed online with the Inbound Marketing Methodology. Consultations are always free and one of our representatives is always available to answer your questions.

What is The Inbound Marketing Methodology?

The Inbound Marketing Methodology uses valuable and relevant content to attract visitors to your website, who are then converted into targeted leads and sales for your business. Inbound marketing focuses on pulling prospective clients and customers “into” your business via engaging and magnetic content – not pushing your message out to them in a way that is interruptive and unwanted.

“Audiences everywhere are tough. They don’t have time to be bored or brow beaten by orthodox, old-fashioned advertising. We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in & be what people are interested in.


The Inbound marketing methodology is effective because it nurtures prospective customers into life-long promotors of your brand. It is the opposite of interruptive “outbound marketing” which people hate and work hard to avoid. It revolves around creating relationships with your market using a marketing message and strategy that people want to hear and become a part of.

Why You Should Make the Switch to Practicing the Inbound Marketing Methodology in Your Marketing Business

When it comes to marketing your business online, no other form of marketing will ever come close to producing the results that the Inbound Marketing Methodology can produce for your business. Traditional methods of marketing have become increasingly more expensive and are in fact counterproductive to your goals of attracting new prospects that easily convert into long-term, satisfied customers.

In the old days, marketers would use interruptive and annoying strategies to gain the attention of their prospects. Today, however, consumers are overwhelmed with over 2000 marketing messages every day, and as a result, have become experts at blocking out and ignoring your marketing message. Emails are filtered out by SPAM blockers or wind up being deleted before they are ever seen. Phone calls go unanswered due to caller ID, or in the case of B2B marketing, are stonewalled by some unrelenting gatekeeper, whose job it is to keep you from ever reaching the decision-maker for the business you are calling. Direct mail pieces get tossed into a wastebasket or added to a stack of mail that will never be opened or read. TV and radio commercials are avoided through the use of services like On Demand, TiVo, and Sirius Satellite Radio.

“Search engines, blogging & other Internet trends have fundamentally transformed the way people & businesses purchase products, but most small businesses still use outdated & inefficient marketing methods—like print advertising, telemarketing & trade shows—that people increasingly find intrusive & screen out.”


The fact that consumers have become experts at ignoring your marketing message makes vying for your customer’s attention your business’ scarcest and most valuable resource. Why? Because consumers today have changed the ways in which they make purchasing decisions when buying products and services both online and off. Still not convinced? Take a look at the following statistics:

  • 79% of adult Americans use the Internet. (Source: PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT, MAY 2010.)
  • 78% of Internet users conduct product research online. (Source: PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT, MAY 2010.)
  • The average US Internet user views 2,750 web pages every month. (Source: THE NIELSEN COMPANY, JANUARY 2011.)
  • US Internet users spend 3x more minutes on blogs & social networks than on email. (Source: THE NIELSEN COMPANY, NOVEMBER 2010.)
  • 67% of B2C companies and 41% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through Facebook. (Source: HUBSPOT, 2011.)
  • 70% of the links search users click on are organic links—not paid. (Source: MARKETING SHERPA, FEBRUARY 6, 2007.)
  • 40% of US smartphone owners compare prices on their mobile device while in-store, shopping for an item. (Source: COMSCORE, JANUARY 2011.)
  • 200 Million Americans have registered on the Federal Trade Commission’s “Do Not Call” list. (Source: FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, JULY 2010.)
  • Companies that blog get 55% more website visitors. (Source: HUBSPOT, 2010.)
  • Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional, outbound marketing. (Source: HUBSPOT, 2011.)
  • On average, Inbound Marketing produces a 200% increase on ROI.

The above numbers are real, and are way too significant to be ignored by someone serious about growing, or even just maintaining, their business online. Especially, in light of today’s demand for consumer-centric marketing and engagement (Inbound Marketing).

Inbound Marketing Methodology for Online Success

ZenboundSEO focuses on 4 core elements to effectively grow your business online; traffic generation, lead generation, lead nurturing and customer acquisition, and finally, analysis and measurement. Successfully meeting these marketing and sales goals is accomplished via the Inbound Marketing Methodology of attracting visitors, converting visitors into leads, using lead nurturing to close those leads as customers, and delighting them so that they become long-term customers who proactively promote your brand/products and services online and off.

If you would like to learn more about how Inbound Marketing can grow your business online, or would like to receive a free Inbound Marketing consultation, than give us a call today and we’ll gladly help you find out if Inbound Marketing is right for your business.

Contact us to learn how we can help you increase your business’s leads and sales with Inbound Marketing. Call Toll-Free 1-866-834-6603.


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