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Social Media Marketing Strategy – How to Create a Strategy That Works in 2020 and Beyond
August 7, 2020
Social Media Marketing Strategy

Wondering how your business should develop and use its social media marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond? So far in 2020, there has been a massive economic downturn, a pandemic, and riots in the streets. It’s safe to say that things are different, and the way people treat companies is different too. People don’t placidly expect companies to stand on the sidelines of major social issues.

Instead, they expect companies to take a stand and to take responsibility for their contribution to those issues. It’s something that all companies should integrate into their social media marketing strategy. If you’re not up on the times with your branding, you can expect worse than just losing audiences.

People may start to resent your company, and the damage can linger for more than the rest of the year. Now is the time when companies can truly distinguish themselves — people are learning which companies they can actually trust now. It’s up to you to earn the trust of the people around you.

Luckily, it’s easy to do that — just make sure your company is moral. And to learn how to incorporate modern morality into your social media marketing strategy, just keep reading below!

The Basics of Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy Is the Same

This year may have come with more changes than anybody could have reasonably predicted, but the basics are still the same. Most of your calls-to-action should direct people to your website, and you should always try to distinguish yourself in your market. The major platforms are still active.

If anything, they’re more active than ever, and now is the time when your social media strategy needs to be perfect. Before you start trying to adapt to the new situation and make new kinds of decisions, you need to make sure you understand the basics. And to learn more about the basics, keep reading below!

Social Platforms: The Icing on the Cake

One of the most important things to remember is that your social media marketing strategy is just one part of your overall business plan. While it may be more important now, there are still other parts of marketing you should focus on. Don’t forget to build up your website, and to modernize it too.

The content on your website should resonate with the same kind of content that you post on social media. If you decide to post that your company stands with the Black Lives Matter movement (which it should), make sure it says so on your website too. The same goes for any other branding decision your company makes.

Also, remember your decisions in other departments will impact your marketing. The decisions in your sales department will impact the performance of your social media strategy. You need to think about how your different departments go together and see the broad strokes of your company to be successful on social media.

Keep SEO and PPC in Mind

You should also build your website with the basics of search engine optimization and advertising in mind. Part of being successful on social media is for people to see you as an authority over the content you post. SEO helps you develop a sense of authority and respect from your audience.

The higher you rise on Google search results, the more trustworthy your website will seem and the more people will go to you for information. With that kind of authority and respect, you can be more successful than ever on social media.

Diversify Your Content

Many companies think a simple picture, a blog post, and a video is enough for them to distinguish themselves in 2020. While it’s always good to diversify your content, you can’t ignore the social issues people are talking about on social media. Just like how you post different content for your own company, you should post different content about social issues too.

It’s a basic, simple part of any kind of social media strategy. However, companies often don’t apply it to social issues; instead, they only apply it to themselves. People pick up on patterns like that, and taking a stand can backfire if companies aren’t consistent on it.

New Problems and New Approaches

The year has been horrible for almost everybody. People have lost their jobs, people have died due to a pandemic, and people are afraid of both their governments and protestors. It’s a stressful time, and social media is becoming a place where people will only get more stressed.

It’s not a place to have fun anymore, and it’s not a place to relax. People don’t want content that makes them laugh, instead, they want for the people they look up to show strength for good causes. Companies that show they’re not willing to tolerate racial injustice, ignoring COVID-19 or any other major problem will be successful.

It’s good to be strong right now, and not to cater to people that stand for the wrong things.

You Are Not Your Company

Many business leaders believe that it’s good to try and humanize their companies. They may associate themselves with it, and they may post content about their employees. However, people don’t respond to that kind of content in the same way they used to.

They don’t want companies to try and humanize themselves; they want companies to act like companies. People want social media to be the tools with which companies communicate about where they stand on social issues. They want companies to take responsibility for the power they have to change the world, and to actually do it.

Companies that work towards that goal will enjoy better branding and better responses on social media.

Social Media Is Still Important For Success

With all the problems in 2020, it may seem like your social media marketing strategy is superfluous. However, your company needs to perform well on social media.

Social media has just changed from how leaders are trained. Companies need to use it to take a stand and work towards solutions on the litany of problems the world is facing, instead of making everyone happy.

That can mean different things for different companies though, depending on their brand. To learn more about what your company should do to succeed on social media in 2020, just reach out to us here!


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