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Freelance Web Designer: How to Find and Hire a Web Designer for Your Business
June 7, 2020
Hire a Freelance Web Designer
Freelance Web Designer

Looking for a freelance web designer? How up-to-date and engaging are the content and design of your business’ website? Around 75% of site visitors judge the integrity of a business solely on their website. If you have a poorly designed website with outdated information, you are losing a large number of potential customers.

An engaging and well-designed website will inspire potential customers to learn more about your business. This is why finding and hiring a talented freelance web designer is important for your business. A web designer has the skills to drive traffic to your website.

What happens when you have more traffic visiting and exploring your site? You increase conversions and grow your business!

Do you have a site in need of a makeover? Here’s what you need to know about finding and hiring a freelance web designer for your business.

How to Find a Talented Freelance Web Designer

There are several aspects to your website you need to consider before hiring a web designer. Here’s how you can find a talented freelance web designer who will fit your website needs.

Set a Budget

The very first thing you should do before starting any project is to determine your budget. Hiring someone to design your website can cost anywhere from $1000 to well over $10,000. That’s just the design and building part.

The second item you need to plan your budget around is your domain name and hosting services. If you already have a website, then you should already be aware of this cost. If you don’t have a site yet, you will need to account for this extra cost.

The type of website you need will help determine your budget. An e-commerce website with multiple pages and a customer portal will cost more than a single page website for a small cafe. Do a little research to find out what kind of site you need and the average cost.

Once you have a budget in mind, stick with it. You should, however, be aware of the average costs so you don’t underpay your designer or get a poorly designed site.

What Kind of Freelance Web Designer Do You Need

This may surprise you, but many different web designers focus on different types of web design. Besides freelance web designers, there are design agencies and full-service agencies. One may be a better fit depending on what you need for a website.

The most affordable option is a freelance web designer. Freelancers’ capabilities range from entry-level designers to talented and experienced web developers. Freelancers are generally more informal but should still be communicative, understanding, and timely.

A design agency is a more expensive option but possibly better for those who need a larger site with a faster turnaround. Design agencies offer a variety of customizations and frequent communication.

A full-service agency offers web design in addition to full-service content marketing. They can expertly craft a website that will drive results by adding Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, and social media marketing. This is a good option for businesses that need marketing along with a fresh website.

If your a company in need of a website or website renovation, a freelance web designer will make a great option. They will also show you how to edit and manage your site on your own. If you need a major site edit, you can contact the freelancer and work with them on an as-needed basis.

Search & Post to Job Portals

Job portals will be your best friend when it comes to searching for a web designer. You can post a job opening or contract and web designers can post their availability for a job.

You’ll find there are free and paid job portals available. Free portals and search engines are cost-effective but you’ll have a challenging time assessing candidates. Free job portals make it difficult to manage applicants and don’t offer a secure payment platform.

Paid job portals cost more but allow you to view, manage, and assess applicants and their skills. Most paid portals will allow you to search for candidates and post jobs for free. Once you hire the right candidate, a paid portal will usually take a 5%-15% commission based on the total cost of the job.

For your security, it’s better to work through a paid job portal. They offer reviews on freelance web designers and can help you if there’s a dispute.

Review Portfolios

Freelance web designers often have a particular design style or are better with web development. As freelancers respond to your job postings, they should provide a copy of their portfolio. A portfolio demonstrates the designer’s work experience, industries, and design style.

You always want to request a portfolio from any web designer whether they’re a freelancer or an agency. A portfolio will also show you the kind of work you can expect and if their work fits with your company’s style.

Contact the Web Designer

Have you found a few potential web design candidates? Do you like their work but want to learn more about them. Well, shoot them an email or give them a call!

When you hire a freelance web designer or an agency, you want to make sure you get along well with them. Web design takes time and requires a lot of communication.

You’ll need to discuss pricing, timeframes, and any other services they offer. Most web designers and agencies don’t share their prices until you contact them. You can also ask about any additional services they offer and their recommendations for your site.

Make sure to ask questions about the web designer’s process. If there are aspects of the design process or web design jargon you don’t understand, ask for clarification. Most reputable freelancers and agencies will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Redesign Your Website Today

By following these tips, you will find and hire the right freelance web designer to help you with your web design needs. An enticing new website will drive traffic and increase conversions leaving you with more loyal customers.

Do you need someone with web design and marketing skills? Let’s talk! We offer free consultations and welcome the opportunity to learn about you and your web design needs.


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