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9 Link-Worthy Article Topics to Write About During COVID-19
March 22, 2019
Content Marketing Article Topics to Write About

When one door closes, another door opens. This is a painfully cheesy slogan we often tell people who are going through a hard time in their lives.

As cliché as it may seem, there is a certain truth to the saying unless you’re dealing with a life sentence in federal prison. In that case, it’s safe to say that other doors won’t open.

However, when it comes to choosing article topics to write about, one can feel trapped, especially with the ongoing pandemic looming on our minds. Keep reading for 9 surefire topics during these troubling times.


We would all like to have a firm word with the CEO of COVID right now but that’s not really how viruses work. 

On the other hand, SEO in times of COVID is a very real thing. Check out this article if you need a refresher course on search engine optimization (SEO).

Coming up with article ideas for your organic blog takes increased focus. But we’re here to help.

9 Article Topics to Write About During Times of COVID-19

If you writing articles about the top benefits of sushi bars on cruise ships, you might want to rethink your strategy. Those just aren’t trending topics right now.

That doesn’t mean its time to hang up the keyboard. In fact, people are likely surfing the internet now more than ever. 

Here are some of the most popular niches and blog ideas that you can easily develop a lot of content marketing article topics to write about. These are great topics for local businesses looking to generate some SEO.

1. Plague History

Now is the time for morbid curiosity. People love to learn about things that should make them squeamish. 

Plus, people look to the past for answers to today’s and tomorrow’s problems. It turns out that humanity has had to face similar challenges in the past. If you look back at the Black Death, Justinian Plague, and the Spanish Flu, we haven’t always done such a great job.

Remember, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

2. COVID-19 News

Historical topics make up some of the most popular niches. However, people also need to know what’s going on with the current pandemic.

What we know about the virus is constantly evolving. Organizations, such as the CDC and the WHO, update their recommendations according to the latest findings. 

COVID-19 news and related topics are being googled by people around the globe. There is an opportunity here to create content marketing article topics to write about that will receive a lot of traffic,

3. Workplace Safety

Some of us never stopped working through the pandemic and, now, most are slowly making our way back to the workplace. But this is something that is (or should be) happening in carefully planned phases.

First and foremost, people need to know how to be safe in the workplace. It behooves workers and employers alike to understand all of the safety recommendations and requirements.

Articles about these topics and others, such as workplace PPE, are sure to get hits.

4. Travel Blog Ideas

Travel is always going to be an SEO monster. However, its popularity means that you have to work to find a niche that isn’t already oversaturated. 

During COVID, you’ll want to have some related articles. People aren’t rushing to Cancun right now but that doesn’t mean we aren’t Googling information for our next trips.

Write about which countries are safer to visit, their healthcare systems, and what they are doing about COVID. Plus, travelers’ insurance is huge right now, given the mass flight cancellations some airports have been experiencing.

Travel Smart

Travelers need to know how to avoid unnecessary risks when they travel. Information about when and where it’s safer to travel is sought after.

It could be useful to have a list of everything you need to bring on a trip, such as a hand sanitizer and disposable face masks.

5. Foreign Relations and International Politics

With all that is going on, everyone wants to be the first to get the latest and most important news articles. People want to know what is happening, where it’s happening, and how it is going to affect them.

For example, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that people have a sudden interest in Chinese commerce and their relationships with Southeast Asian nations. You get the idea.

With globalization, the world is getting smaller. The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the globe is a clear indication of how connected we are. What happens across the globe affects us on the other side. 

6. Pharmaceutical and Biomedical News

On the same hand, people want and need to know about the latest in treatment, diagnostic tests, and other healthcare news.

If there is a new development, you want to be the first to know about it. That makes COVID-19 treatments, vaccines, and other related stories a hot ticket.

7. Education

With all the schools closing, people are wondering how long this whole thing is going to last. Are we really going to do virtual classes forever? When will it be safe to go back to a classroom?

There are so many ways you take this. Homeschooling is more popular than ever, for example. 

Of course, virtual courses and online classes are exploding in popularity.

8. Dealing with the Blues

COVID-19 continues to cause death and devastation in many parts of the world. The effects of quarantine itself are enough to cause stress and anxiety in most, if not all of us.

Social distancing can make people feel alone. Plus, they have extra time to explore their feeling and find information.

Online counseling and self-help articles are promising for interactive post ideas.

9. Health and Wellbeing

It’s strange. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease yet all the stores sold out of toilet paper. 

Perhaps, living through a pandemic makes you think about your own health a little more.

Particular topics to consider are immune-boosting foods and home workouts.

Staying Relevant

The common person relies on the internet for information. When news happens (and its big news), there will always be new article topics to write about. 

COVID-19 continues to change the planet in ways that only time will tell. Web searches are guaranteed to reflect the change.

Maximize your potential. Check out our SEO solutions and other digital marketing services.


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