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Content Marketing Goals – 5 Targets for the Next 6 Months
July 20, 2020
Content Marketing Goals

Are you interested in learning more about how you should be gearing your content marketing goals for the second half of 2020? These are strange times, so you might consider throwing your current strategy out the window.

The pandemic has caused business owners such as yourself to rethink the way they gear their content this year. How can you flourish with so many unknowns looking you in the eyes?

All success stems from having healthy (and achievable) goals, and content marketing is no different! See below for several different content marketing goals that can help you improve your content marketing during COVID-19. This can help you adjust your plan.

1. Lend More Customer Support

Offering help to your clients has never been more important, even if your product can’t directly help the pandemic. Customers, willingly or unwillingly, are shopping online more than ever before, and they want to do business with brands that can help them.

Therefore, your company should aim to use its content marketing strategy to help improve their lives.

Use your company’s blog to answer the questions that your customers have. If you’re an HVAC company, address your client’s biggest pain points. If you’re an arts and crafts company, inspire your customers to start a new hobby during this time.

There’s no shortage of ways that your content marketing can offer customer support. If you establish your brand as one that wants to help their clients through these trying times, you’ll build customer loyalty with your business.

2. Find Top-Tier Talent

Looking for a way to advance your business as well as how to improve content marketing for your brand? You should merely focus on improving your content strategy in the short term.

Rather, you should view this as the stepping stone that propels your content marketing from this day forward. The best way to ensure you don’t take a step back after the pandemic is over is by hiring top-tier talent.

For example, if you’re interested in redesigning your site or building one for the first time, be sure to hire a freelance web designer. If you want to improve your company’s SEO, find an SEO agency that can help you do that.

Building these relationships now will help your company grow even with all the uncertainty that’s left in 2020. As your content marketing resources grow, so too will your book of business!

3. Keep Your Content Positive

Customers are well aware of all the uncertainty and craziness that’s currently happening in the world, they don’t need your brand to remind them of it.

Doing so can give your brand a negative vibe that will deter prospects and current clients alike. You want to show them two things: 1) the light at the end of the tunnel and 2) how your product can help them.

If you accomplish those two things, your clients will connect the dots from there. To achieve the brighter days to come, they need your product and/or services to get them there.

There’s nothing wrong with mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic in your content. But always try to either be positive or empathetic as you write about it.

If you try to give your clients a sense of impending doom, they’ll hit the back button on their browser and never return to your brand again.

4. Improve Your Keyword Usage

If you’re being completely honest, one of the areas your brand’s content marketing is desperately lacking in is its keyword usage.

Even if you use them and research the keywords that you use, you may still be putting your content at a disadvantage from the start.

For example, if you’re a home inspection service and you use “home inspection” as the primary keyword in your blog post, you’ve already doomed yourself. That keyword is used far too often and already has pages established as Google’s top search results.

Instead of simply using the keyword with the highest search volume, you need to be more strategic. Try aiming for a combination of both keyword density and search volume. Aim for a search volume higher than 150 and a density lower than 30.

The search volume will ensure that you’re using a keyword that people are actually searching for. The low density will ensure that you aren’t putting your blog post up against the Goliath’s of Google’s top search results.

Also, be sure to make it a goal to embed more secondary keywords in your articles. It goes a long way with Google’s algorithm!

5. Push Evergreen Content

It might be tempting to put your two hands together and dive straight into the current events of today’s world with your content. However, in doing so, you’re sabotaging your content’s future.

Eventually, this will all pass. When it does, people will no longer search for “how to properly wear a face mask” or “the 20-second hand-washing rule”. Therefore, your company is wasting valuable time and resources on a temporary fix.

Be sure to keep your eyes set on pushing out evergreen content. The type of content that your clients will be searching for years down the road. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some current events, just don’t make it a focal point!

Use These Content Marketing Goals to Get Started!

Now that you’ve seen several content marketing goals that can help you during these unprecedented times, it’s time to get started!

Be sure to visit this page for more information on all the benefits you can receive by hiring a content marketing agency to help you out.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out and schedule a free consultation and we’ll be happy to assist you further!


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