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10 Social Media Marketing Traps to Avoid
July 14, 2020
Social Media Marketing

Over 90% of Americans between 18 and 29 have joined Instagram. Knowing the fast-moving waters of social media can help you stay afloat in the marketing world.

Making the wrong moves can sink your ship and put you behind the rest of the field in marketing.

A smart company does more than follow the best social media marketing practices. Learn these 10 social media marketing traps and avoid them to ensure your continued success. 

1. Bad Hire

A company becomes crippled when a bad hire fills the SEO specialist position. Constant turnover results in inconsistent content and disharmony among other team members. 

Hiring someone who has outdated practices takes too long to train. Hiring someone who uses Instagram is hardly a qualification to run a social media campaign.

A creative way to vet a candidate is by hiring them as a consultant first. This lets you separate without incident if things aren’t working out. 

2. Social Media Marketing Turnaround

Even though the world of social media is fast-paced, results aren’t always as quick. It takes time and dedication to build brand loyalty. 

Small updates and great campaigns won’t yield immediate rewards. The persistence of high-quality standards across the marketing department takes several weeks to be successful.

Don’t expect to have a high engagement rate or brand loyalty days after the start of a social media campaign.

3. Abandoning Your Campaign

If your campaign has been lagging with your target audience, don’t abandon it. It’s better to run an ineffective campaign than abandon the ship.

Customers, vendors, and partners may think your company is erratic or unstable if you abandon a marketing campaign in the middle of its run. 

Random marketing posts on social media confuses the customer when there’s no unifying message behind them. If consumers don’t know what you’re trying to convey, then you have failed.

Don’t abandon a campaign, tweak it as you go but stick with the internal message.

4. Post With Purpose

Some experts believe the best campaigns involve constant posting. If you have a developed and recognized brand, then this can be extremely effective. 

But don’t post just to do it. 

Users and followers can tell when posts become erratic and disconnected. Constant saturation may turn people off to your company, especially if they don’t follow a lot of other people.

5. Following What’s Hot

Updating with the times is not the same as jumping on the latest trend. The problem with trends is that they end.

For example, when fidget spinners were the hot item many big-box retailers purchased warehouses full of inventory. When schools and other organizations started banning fidget spinners, their popularity quickly died.

Many stores were stuck with high inventory and no demand. The trap of what’s trending can lead to an inflexible situation. 

A company should only follow a trend if they have the resources to pivot after it declines.

6. Scheduled Posts

When tools enabled people to schedule social media posts, life became less hectic for marketing specialists. You can schedule a post to publish across all platforms at once.

Scheduling your social media can be a beneficial tool, but it can trap you into a routine that customers will figure out. 

The worst-case scenario would be if a post contained incorrect or insensitive content and automatically posted without edit. Successful marketing departments schedule posts, but they also appeal to the waves of unpredictability.

Let people see the human side of your company by making unplanned posts and replies.

7. Ignoring the Analytics

There is no social media marketing without analytics. Whether you use analytics from the old campaign or analytics collected during your current campaign, don’t ignore them.

Analytics tell you more than just how many “likes” or followers you have. Analytics dive into where they came from, how long they stayed, and why they came.

Do you have a popular post? Analytics tell you why it’s popular. Using these relevant data may provide the key to recreating more engaging content.

8. Adding Value

People follow organizations and other people if they add value to their lives. Do your posts contain content that your audience wants?

Social media is a great place to generate leads for your sales funnel, but if you only use it for this purpose, then you run the risk of turning people off. The posts should always focus on adding value before anything else.

For example, you probably know someone who is involved in a multi-level (or network) marketing company. Part of their training and mission is to utilize social media to the fullest.

Their posts are constantly pushing products and the brand on to their friends and family. In some cases, this causes friends and family to unfollow or unfriend the culprit.

Before you make another post, ask yourself if it adds value to the audience.

9. Using Social Media Influencers

People with large followings on social media can influence their fans and followers to pay attention to your accounts. Some social media influencers make excellent salaries helping companies in this fashion.

Unless you personally know the social media influencer, it’s not a great idea to employ them for your campaign.

Many social media influencers have their own idea of what your marketing campaign entails. You may contract them to sponsor something, and they will do it on their time in their own way. Some people buy followers to become social media influencers. 

Don’t Get Trapped

The successful navigation of social media marketing waters requires avoiding certain traps. Avoiding these rookie traps will ensure a smooth social media campaign.

It doesn’t take a lot to ruin the marketing department, but a disastrous social media post can set you back behind the competition. 

You can’t learn everything about social media marketing from this guide, but you can contact us today for your SEO needs.


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